“When you look great…you DO great!”™

Some of my clients are wealthy women; many are business women, and others are women of modest means. Your size or budget or age does not matter. No matter what size, budget, or age: every woman wants to look great and feel great.

From Target to Bergdorf Goodman, fashion can be found to match your individual style.

I will empower, guide, and teach you…opening up possibilities, dreams, and passions.

My clients’ relief and excitement after I help them is my greatest reward. Letting go of clothing that doesn’t flatter or fit well is like sunshine coming through the window. Often only a few additional pieces of new clothing may be needed in order to mix and match in a new found way for the real you that is YOUR real style.

I am not here to teach you to dress in MY style. I am here to help you learn to extend the real YOU to your clothing.

We find new ways to use the clothing you own; learn more about your body type, and what shapes, design, and colors create your best and unique individual style. I will empower, guide, and teach you to shop and choose better: frankly, opening up possibilities, dreams, and passions that got lost or forgotten.

Helping women feel better about themselves has always been my number one goal. When you are happy with your appearance, you are infused with that extra confidence which will naturally attract a more positive outcome in your everyday life.

Learning and understanding what looks best on you and why, will be transforming because it is reflective of YOUR genuine individuality.